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8-day personalised treatment plan based on your identified needs, that works to build better understanding, establish healthier communication, restore love and connection, and create space to develop a conscious relationship based on healing, growth, love and support.

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Whats are the Intentions of Relationship Recovery Retreats?

This 8-day intensive personally tailored retreats focuses on getting to the root of your relationship issues. During your retreat you will learn how to understand what's really going on bringing you from relationship struggle into relationship relief. Katrina works to identify what is at the core of your relationship issues whilst teaching you how resolve and navigate conflict. Relax, recharge, reconnect and renew your relationship with daily relationship classes, individual therapy and couples therapy digging into your issues and finally creating solutions.


Katrina Steel will work with you to:

  • Establish healthy communication skills to enrich your relationship , created deeper understanding and develop skill to share needs and feelings.

  • Develop a greater capacity to hold space for one another, listen to one another and learn to truly hear on another.

  • Learn how to depersonalise issues, understand whats really going on for one another and therefore reduce conflict.

  • Heal and resolve those issues that are constantly , yet subtly eating away at the trust, security, safety and connection within your relationship.

  • Renew your love and learn how to shop up for one another in the way you have always craved.

  • Bring your relationship into a deeper and more profound space of conscious love and growth.

  • Improve intimacy and enhance connection in your relationship.

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How the Couples Retreats are structured ...

Self - Care



Relationship Exploration

Relationship Connection

  • Rejuvenation & Intimacy

  • Psycho- education

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Relationship Contract Renewal


  • Love Languages Testing to develop a greater understanding as to why you may not be feeling loved and how to begin to offer love in ways that work.

  • Attachment Styles Assessment to understand the self and your partner as better navigate issues and emotionally distressing situations with spaciousness and grace.

  • Self Awareness Questionnaire build the framework for a conscious connection with who you are and what maybe laying dormant and playing out within your relationship.

  • Family Systems Questionnaire to  begin to understand what you bring from your family of origin into your relationship unconsciously.

  • Relationship Dynamics Questionnaire to begin to unpack your relationship with awareness so that you can identify the ares of growth and move towards consciously designing the relationship you want.


Prior to arrival you will undergo assessments and have your initial individual sessions with the aim to gathering information to design a tailor made programme to assist in skilling, education and resolving the core of your relationship issues.

Pre attendance sessions will begin to explore your intentions for your therapy program whilst gently beginning to unpack and explore your fears, narratives and needs.  

During your 8 day personalised program you will attend daily psycho-educational classed which teach and educate all those skills and resources which are crucial to healthy lives and functioning relationships.

You will attend daily individual and couples therapy digging into your issues to find solutions to heal hurts, build connection and brig your relationship into a space of conscious coupling.

Daily activities include meditation, yoga, massages, quality time alone and together.


Through attending your relationship recovery program you will gain a real awareness around your core issues, learn and discover the skills and knowledge of what is required to build a healthy conscious relationship.

This program helps you create a relationship founded on connection care and love, a relationship whereby you face problems together and grow through adversity, using the relationship to bring great deeper awareness, live together with greater joy and enables you to show up for one another from more conscious space.

Revamp and renew your relationship to build a better foundation and rediscover your love.

'Kat taught me how to deal with my feelings and emotions, and what work I needed to do for myself. Instead of taking on my partners insecurities as if they where my own. This was their responsibility and opportunity to do their work too.

She also shared with me how our partners are mirrors for our own healing and this I could never agree with more once understanding the work I have done with her know.

There is no book on the perfect relationship, as we all come from very different walks of life but with Kats help and guidance you could really set up your very own rules and define your own relationship systems to show yourself, children and partner what a healthy bond with love truly looks like.

Thank you Kat. Words can't express how grateful we are.'


Your Noosa Relationship Recovery Retreat is designed with the perfect combination of therapy, relaxation, connection and recreation. Your program will include preprogram care,

a residential program is 7 night/ 8 day and an aftercare program.

All Noosa couples retreats prices include: 

  • Preprogram consisting of online assessments and pre-arrival therapy.

  • A tailor made treatment plan, to ensure that you get the most out of your relationship recovery program.

  • Your couples therapist time- 8 days dedicated to creating connection and healing to your relationship 

  • 8 relationship classes to build skill and develop shared resources.

  • Daily individual and couples therapy sessions over the 8 day retreat.

  • High End Accomodation & Daily Meals 

  • Yoga, Meditation & Recreational Activities 

  • Airport Transfer & Boat Transfer with a personalised driver

  • Aftercare Program consisting of 2 aftercare session.

  • 12 months access to the Relationship Recovery Program online course.

On location in Noosa Heads, Sunshine Beach, Peregian Beach area or

Katrina can meet you at your accommodation of choice.

Normal Rates            $18000

Don't miss out spots are limited contact our support team to book now. 

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