Relationship Recovery Set


The intention of this enquiry set is to Re-Member, Re-Discover, Re-Connect, Re-Pair, Re-Evaluate, and Re-New your relationship.


Life gets busy. We grow. We grow apart. We run stories. We forget to connect. We lose ourselves. We lose each other. We get bored. We get selfish. We fight. Issues arise. Resentment grows. We forget. We hurt one another. We hold onto hurts. We become parents. We become complacent. We become stagnant. We grow tired. We forget. Things change. We change.


This enquiry set offers you the opportunity to sit and discuss topics which usually don’t get addressed in the day-to-day cycles of life.


Each section explores different areas of interest, offering unique opportunities to discuss and share your thoughts, feelings and perspectives in a safe and objective space.


The question cards are responsible for what is brought to the metaphorical table, not you. This creates a space between each other to talk without personalisation and reactivity. The card made you ask.