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SWEET SURRENDER & The Illusion of Control

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

How to be Happier by Flowing with Life

There is very little we ‘actually’ have control over. As frightening as this may be, we ultimately have no control over anything that happens in our external world.

Control is an illusion and the path of the ego.

Truth be known, why would we need to control if we surrendered and learnt to trust the process and flow of life. The truth is, when we trust ourselves, our innate inner wisdom and knowing life begins to unfold with ease, joy and grace.

When we let go and step into surrender, the very action of letting go places us in the flow of the universal synchronicity of life. We become one with everything and life flows through us.

It is obvious that Control is counterproductive to Flow. However, we desperately attempt to control others and our lives to keep ourselves safe.

The ego thinks that the tighter we hold the more chance we have of reducing risk and limiting the pain we could experience. But this is a farce… Think about it.

When we hold tight, we close off the flow, we limit the possibilities, restrict the ones we love and the life we live.

We are controlling. We begin to live with closed and limiting thoughts and feelings. This causes us to restrict our partners, limit our dreams, feel insecure, lose trust, worry, stress… and the list goes on..When we believe we need to control we are living in FEAR.

We all experience blockages in life; moments when everything seems to be going against us. Have you ever thought that it is You that is going against Life, not that Life is against You?  That you have become attached to a goal or outcome and this in turn is causing you to push against the flow, causing the blockage. That the blockage is your attachment to a situation, a person or an outcome and your action of control is limiting your choices, as your mind is closing off and your feelings are getting heavy.  You have become fixed to thoughts that are restrictive and negative. You are attempting to control. You are going against the flow.

Let it Flow

Flow is the natural state of life. Flow is where peace, acceptance, non-judgment, surrender, unconditional love, and abundance lives. Flow is where we allow the miracles of life to occur. Flow is where we let go of the resistance of what is, and begin to see every moment as a opportunity for growth, a miracle of discovery and an experience of bliss.

Who are you and what would your life look like if you let go of your need to control outcomes and let life and love flow through you?

For flow to occur in life we need to let go. We need to TRUST in the process of life and TRUST in ourselves. This is no small feat. To surrender to the flow of life we need to shift our perceptions around right and wrong and our attachments to what we believe is best for us. We need to let the flow of life decide.

We need to hand over control and our thoughts about how things should be, and we need to let go and flow.

Buddhist philosophy states that attachment leads to suffering. Attachment is Suffering. When we attach ourselves to someone, something or some situation we are limiting, restricting and controlling. In doing so we are also trying to make ourselves right. We believe we know what is best. The truth of this is, we may be wrong. The truth is by attaching ourself to a particular outcome we are restricting and limiting our possibilities.

What if life had something better planned for us?  What if we could stop viewing  the things that we believe are going wrong and we opened up to the possibility that, in fact, things could be going right? So often we are fixed and attached to how we believe something should be instead of allowing what needs to happen, to happen. Living in the flow.

For us to flow we need to let things flow. We need to let life unfold and get out of our own way. We need to stop the mind and let go of  our need to be right and choose to Flow with Life.

We need to open ourselves up, and let go of control and begin to believe that life is actually conspiring with us, not against us.

The key is for us to support ourselves by holding the focus and attention towards that which is open and limitless intentions.  We need to align our attention with the intention  of limitless possibilities.

We need to TRUST, we need to be in ACCEPTANCE, we need to have COURAGE, we need to sit in FREEDOM. We need to shift the blockages our mind creates and call forth the thoughts, beliefs and values of our heart’s desire. We need to align ourselves to the universal truth of peace, acceptance, non-judgment, surrender, unconditional love, and abundance. We need to let go and flow by resonating with positive and open vibrations.

Using The Power Of Word to Bring Flow

When we begin to relate to life from a space of trust and love we lose the need to control life. We begin to flow with life instead of resisting and pushing against it. The key is to stop trying to control the outcomes and begin to sit in the flow of limitless possibilities by shifting our perception and choosing to love ourselves and trust life.

By surrendering to what is, we allow life to unfold and we experience GRACE and SYNCHRONICITY. We step outside of judgement and we begin to live in ACCEPTANCE. Life begins to expand and we begin to experience KNOWING and BLISS.

When we attune our attention towards that what we want, we can not help but begin to train our brain and rewire our neurological pathways, promoting growth and healing. Where we place our attention directly affects our mental and emotional states. By being mindful and holding out focus intentionally on words that align us to what we want we will begin to flow towards the life we want.

Use words to call forth the value that you need to support yourself in  life. The words I choose assist to bring me into alignment with the growth or healing I need to process the life challenges, to create change, to grow, to let go and begin to flow.

Let go of the illusion of control and step into the flow of life by using words to influence your thoughts in a positive way. By using the power of word you can move from the space of fear and control and align yourself with the universal truth of peace, acceptance, non-judgment, surrender, unconditional love, and abundance. Let go and flow by resonating with the intention and power of words.

Choose & Attune. Attention with Intention.

Align yourself with flow and synchronicity of life.

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