Creating Emotional & Mental Health

        Working to bring healing and health 

        mentally, emotionally and physically. 

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Katrina Steel

I have been working in the field of mental and emotional health as a psychotherapist for over 15 years, combining a psychological and intuitive approach to compassionately support people who are struggling in life.

The key foundations of my practice are based in working with my clients to access their innate awareness to discover what issues and fears separate them from personal growth, healing, healthy relationships and consequently, a happy and fulfilled life.

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Tel/ WhatsApp +61 401 156 252 

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What We Do

Walk on the Beach

I gently work to untangle pain, bringing clarity to confusion, accessing wisdom and truth which offers healing and change.

The key is to compassionately work with the issues and bring to the surface the aspects of you which require healing and growth, creating a new way for you to relate and be in your world. 


~ Personal Issues

~ Relationship Issues

~ Parenting Challenges

~ Pre-marital & Marital Therapy

~ Depression & Anxiety

~ Struggling with Grief & Loss

~ Drugs & Alcohol Issues

~ Eating Disorders

~​ Overwhelming Emotion

~ Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

~ Mindfulness & Wellbeing Issues

~ Lack of Motivation & Life Direction

Footprints on Sand

Depression and Anxiety are debilitating states of mind which rob you of the capacity for simple joy and

connection to life.

We will work together to bring awareness to how your thoughts feed your suffering. By becoming aware you will be able to identify and connect to how your thoughts generate a destructive, disempowered and dysfunctional pattern feeding anxiety and depression. Working to know the beast you will be able to tame it and become the master of your own domain.

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