• Katrina Steel

The Shame in Me, and You

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

We play small, for so many reasons, but we play small. Unconsciously keeping ourselves from our greatness, for fear of criticism, judgment and shame. The critic within holds us in contempt of our true magnificence, using shame to prevent us from stepping into vulnerability and showing ourselves, stepping out into our truth, our courage, our passion, our purpose...we keep ourselves small.

I’ve hidden myself, shy and ashamed of being seen, to protect myself from being judged, misunderstood, ridiculed, rejected. Hiding my feelings, my thoughts, my heart. The critic within feeding me shame, telling me I am either not worthy and have no true value to offer or if I dare to believe or show myself, to share my fears, my pain, my dreams then who the fuck do I think I am ..and therefore I remained hidden, we all remain hidden. And so in the hiding we ALL REMAIN ALONE, hidden, frightened, wandering through our lives longing for deep profound connection and yet too scared and shamed to show ourselves to anyone, everyone.

Secret be told the reality is, this is ALL OUR PAIN.

My work, despite the range of struggles, issues and crisis, has expose to me over and over again that despite the struggle we, at our core, all experience the same pain, the same shame, the same fear. It’s just plays out in different ways.

Our shame feeds in dark corners of ourselves that we all keep hidden

The root of our suffering is within the hiding of ourselves, it is within the hiding of our shame. Shame... the deep seated fear that we are inadequate and not enough, that we need to be perfect to be wanted, loved, accepted and received. This shame keeps us quiet, small and disconnected. It keeps us from exposing or showing ourselves, from stepping into our own truth, our potential. It prevents us from sharing ourselves with others, ultimately preventing us from profound connection, from walking our path and living our purpose.

If I can do one thing today that is remotely magnificent, I will be real. I will step into the honesty of myself and allow myself to be seen, to bring my fears and stories into the light. I will be real. Daring greatly  to be galant and courageous, honest and vulnerable. I step into the light of myself allowing myself to be seen as inadequate or needy, broken or flawed. I will show you myself in the courageous hope that I will be seen, accepted, understood and met. Please, please I ask of you, show me the real me here for I will welcome your fears, and through this you will release your shame and you will see you were always enough.

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